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Buffalo Mozzarella 125g - La Nuova Casearia
125 g
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Product Description
A Favourite for Singapore with La Nuova Casearia’s Buffalo Mozzarella Fresh, soft, firm and springy in texture, this food is a popular Italian pick for all of Singapore. Known for its snowy-white colour and mild—yet sour—taste, La Nuova Casearia’s Buffalo Mozzarella is notorious for adding a delicate but bold taste to dishes of many assortments. Serve up this mozzarella with all your top picks Perfect for antipasti dishes, salads, pasta, calzones and vegetables, this buffalo mozzarella is diverse enough to be used in various menu items across the board. If you’re after an authentic Italian taste with a touch of tang, this product is the perfect addition. Top it off with the perfect bottle of white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, and experience a new favourite for all the family. Enjoy it fresh-Here’s how to store it best This mozzarella is best stored only in a refrigerated environment and should be consumed fresh. Eat on the day of purchase. If you’re not planning to consume the entire product, ensure it is kept refrigerated and eaten within the following 2 or 3 days. This cheese is best eaten raw, served as small orbs on top of your dish, or even layered with fresh tomatoes from the vine—the versatility of this product means that you can enjoy it with an array of dishes in Singapore, or with true Italian tradition.