Silversea Wild Caught Mekajiki Swordfish Steak
340 g
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Product Description
1. Silversea swordfish in straight cut portion, 170g per piece come individually vacuum pack.
2. Every single piece of Mekajiki Swordfish is immediate frozen onboard at -55°C right after we caught it.
3. Silversea Swordfish is deboned and it make the fish more convenient to eat.
4. Pour warm water with salt and soak the Mekajiki for 15minute to defrost, and the fish is ready to be cooked.
5. Savour the juicy and tender meat by means of grilled, roiled, baked, poached or kabobbed or cook it Asian style with asam curry or stir-fry with teriyaki sauce.
Country Of Origin: Taiwan


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