Sensodyne Compelete Protection with Fluoride Toothpaste
100 g
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Product Description
The No. 1 dentist-recommended toothpate for people with sensitive teeth. Sensodyne is developed to relieve the symptoms of tooth sensitivity, as well as protecting against cavities and leaving you with a clean, fresh taste. Sensodyne Complete Protection with Fluoride Toothpaste gives ongoing protection for sensitive teeth, helps to control plaque and maintains healthy gums and whiteness.

Sensodyne Complete Protection builds a protective layer over the sensitive areas of your teeth for lasting sensitivity protection and gives you all the oral care benefits you need in one complete sensitivity toothpaste. With brushing twice a day, Sensodyne Complete Protection also strengthens and re-hardens your enamel, protects against plaque, maintains healthy gums and helps you restore your teeths natural whiteness.


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