Attack Ultra Power Aromatic Floral Concentrated Detergent
1.6 kg
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Product Description
Use Attack detergents to make your laundry clean and fresh-smelling. This Attack enzyme power detergent is great for washing white clothes sheets and towels. Attack enzyme power offers 3D cleaning action by whitening, killing germs and removing tough stains. With its aromatic floral scent, your white laundry will smell fresh and floral. Just one spoonful of this concentrated detergent will wash a full load of laundry.

Attack enzyme power powder detergent is formulated with the revolutionary 3D cleanaction technology for smarter cleaning with lesser effort. Its concentrated formula washes more clothes and produces a superior cleanliness. The intelligent system seeks out and eliminates all stains, dirt and bacteria from every angle, washing clothes in 3 essential dimensions - stain removing power, anti-bacterial power, and colour brightening power.


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