Colgate Slim In-Between Soft Toothbrush
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Product Description
Colgate Slim In-Between Soft Toothbrush has multi-height bristles that are less than 0.01mm wide. These slim tip bristles give you a deeper clean, gently getting in between your teeth and gumline. They are significantly softer than ordinary end-rounded bristles and won't damage your enamel or gums, making this an ideal toothbrush for people with more sensitive mouths.

Designed for patients who desire a deep clean for better gum health. The new Slim Soft toothbrush features floss-tip - bristles that are 17x slimmer at the tip, ideal for cleaning the tight spaces between teeth and gums. Product characteristics include ultra soft, slimmer tip bristles. Small, slim head for hard to reach areas. Flexible neck extends reach deeper in the mouth.

Product benefits are it's 6x deeper sub-gingival access for better gum health, 1.5x deeper interproximal access for better interdental cleaning, 35% more bristles for a thorough cleaning experience. Comfortable ergonomic rubber handle for a better grip.



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