Comfort Ultra Anti-Bacterial Concerntrated Fabric Conditioner Pouch
800 ml
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Product Description
Add Comfort fabric conditioner pouches to your laundry to soften clothes, reduce static, and infuse a beautiful scent. Comfort makes your clothes smell fresh and delicious all day long. This fabric conditioner has antibacterial properties and a fresh scent. Give your clothes the power of super softness, long-lasting fragrance and maintained colour and shine with Comfort.

Comfort Ultra Anti-Bacteria is packed with 5 in 1 Freshness, protecting your clothes from the 5 tough malodours. New Encapsulated Fresh Release Technology releases micro-size fragrance capsules that infiltrate clothing during wash cycles, giving you clothes with longer lasting freshness.

Get Fresh and Fragrant clothes for up to 14 days with just half a capful. All day protection against 99% of bacteria, with protection for up to 24hrs. This product offers protection against malodours (Food, smoke, pollution, sweat, musty smell). Shape Retention, easy Ironing & amazing softness for all your clothes, making it new for longer!


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