Dynamo Power Gel Detergent Colour Care
2.7 L
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Product Description
Use Dynamo power gel detergent in your laundry, to keep clothes fresh and clean. The power gel formula is easy to pour with no spills, and cleans even the toughest stains. Each pack of Dynamo detergent is fitted with a meansuring screw cap, which helps you to measure out the perfect portion of gel and closes securely when not in use. Dynamo colour-care power gel is great for cleaning coloured clothes, without losing brightness.

2x better stain removal with an all-new Ultra Concentrated formula than 5.4KG powder. For laundry with delicate colors, Dynamo with Color Care helps prevent color fading on fabric. Dynamos Power Gel dissolves better than powder and does not leave any residue on clothes and machine. Visibility check, results may vary. Suitable for Top-load or Front-load Washing machines. (45ml for standard load/65ml for big load)


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