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15 Uomini (Man) Grappa - Russo
700 ml
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Product Description
Grappa made by the distillation of selected marcs and dregs of Campania wines (Aglianico, Greco di Tufo and Piedirosso) coming from a qualified area before being pressed. Grappa aged in Caribbean rum wooden casks for a period of 18 months. Amber in colour. A very aromatic Grappa, with notes of hazelnut, tobacco and fresh grass. Hints of cherry and black currant. 40% Alcohol and 700ml The name 15 Uomini Grappa is inspired by the famous Stevenson’s novel: The Treasure Island. It’s on this island that the idea to sharpen a blend of wine grapes from Campania in barrel of Caribbean rum. Russo is a manufacturer of liqueurs, spirits and syrups operating in Campania. The company, since 1936 has been producing quality products with the use of raw materials linked to the territory. They use the most innovative production processes oriented to enhance the value of the finished product. Their best known product is undoubtedly the Limoncello liqueur made from lemon “Sfusato” of the Amalfi coast, certified as IGP. The very special fragrance and scent of their products can only be created by this microclimate.


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