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Coffee Cream Liqueur - Russo
500 ml
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Product Description
Liqueur based on cream and coffee (100% Neapolitan coffee) distillate. Fine liqueur with distinct fragrance of coffee, fully expresses freshness and fragrance typical of this beverage. Strong and delicate by palate, serving cold leaves an intense and pleasant aroma. The cream has a color tone of the typical Neapolitan coffee, looking dense and compact. 20% Alcohol and 500ml Russo is a manufacturer of liqueurs, spirits and syrups operating in Campania. The company, since 1936 has been producing quality products with the use of raw materials linked to the territory. They use the most innovative production processes oriented to enhance the value of the finished product. Their best known product is undoubtedly the Limoncello liqueur made from lemon “Sfusato” of the Amalfi coast, certified as IGP. The very special fragrance and scent of their products can only be created by this microclimate.


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